TraceMiner 2.5 Innovations

The one and only platform that holistically supports the analysis, documentation and quality assurance of arcplan applications.

Get an overview over the amazing new features that will be contained in the final version. These features can be divided into three topics:

  • Embedded arcplan application designer into TraceMiner to close the gap between these two tools and being able to perform changes immediately as well as
  • TraceFlow, which gives a clear overview of interactions across documents following logical architectural modules and
  • Open API giving the opportunity to create and embed individually designed arcplan report based on an SQL Server® database.


Embedded arcplan
The all new embedded mode allows you to use arcplan’s application designer inside TraceMiner. The designer is fully operational. Thus no more switching between tools is necessary. During development the user has access to all powerful analysis and documentation functions that TraceMiner offers in one tool. Also the interaction between these two applications has been widely improved which really simplifies the consequent usage of TraceMiner as documentation and analysis platform.
TraceFlows are – like TraceMaps – reference diagrams showing in- and outgoing referential interactions. The difference manifests itself in the point of view. While TraceMaps show references between objects, TraceFlows visualize interactions between whole documents as well as relations to used databases. A TraceFlow depicts the encapsulated architectural modules implemented in the option to assign documents to specific categories. Thus this instrument shows the interaction between documents and architectural modules as well as enabling a user to analyze and document these references quickly and efficiently.
Open API
With the implementation of the embedded arcplan designer in TraceMiner it is now possible to create and integrate individually designed reports which can optionally be loaded automatically on every startup. An even more important feature is the capability of TraceMiner to connect to Microsoft® SQL Server® databases. This enables you to view imported project data and work with the information which leads to possible new arcplan reports that can be integrated into TraceMiner.