TraceMiner 3.6

In Release 3.6 of the SYNAXUS TraceMiner, the focus was set on consistently improving the quality and optimization of our software so that it can continue to support the application development, documentation and quality assurance of arcplan Enterprise and Longview Analytics systems. Also helpful was the feedback from our existing customers, which resulted in valuable insights that have been incorporated into the development of the current release. The following is an overview of the most important new features:

Longview 10 Ready:
It is more important to ensure the compatibility with the current version of the Longview Analytics, in order to ensure a perfect interoperability of the two program worlds.

Windows 10 Ready:
Through the support of the latest Microsoft Windows version, Longview Analytics applications can also be analyzed and documented in the future.

No support for 32 bit systems:
Due to increasing data volumes and the limitation of old 32 bit structures, the SYNAXUS TraceMiner has been developed exclusively for 64 bit systems.

Optimal support for dual-screen desktops:
For developers, it is nowadays an obstacle not to work with multiple monitors / desktops to analyze applications more quickly. The current release of the SYNAXUS TraceMiner takes up this need and provides dual screen support.

Combine dynamic document content:
To expand the documentation capability of the SYNAXUS TraceMiner, references to column, table and line objects are now recognized as well. These are then automatically displayed as RTF content according to their orientation / dimension.

Representation of dynamic object properties:
In order to increase clarity, the presentation of object functions and properties in the formula tab of the Trace-Scenarios has been improved.

Diagram Collapse / Expand function:
In order to create more space for documentation content, a diagram function has been added, which allows to show / hide the diagram.

Adding external content to structure items:
The latest version of the SYNAXUS TraceMiner now offers the possibility to attach external content to structure items, such as Word, PDF, Excel files or even hyperlinks.

Performance optimizations and bug fixes:
A few bugs have been fixed and the performance of the program has been increased enormously in order to work even more efficiently with the SYNAXUS TraceMiner.